• Ensure to pass on our Tamil language and Tamil culture to successive generations.
  • Enable students to read, write and converse in Tamil.
  • Provide an opportunity to experience the traditions and culture of Tamilnadu and Tamil people.
  • College credit for the second language.


The registration for the school usually runs April-May and the regular classes commence in September and follow the academic school calendar.

Transfer Students

Students transferring from another ATA school will be admitted directly into the same grade they were attending at the earlier location. For students from other Tamil schools, there will be an assessment and they will be placed in a grade based on their performance.

Application Form

Click here to download the application form.


Syllabus set by the American Tamil Academy and the school follows their guidelines for
the classroom, exam, etc.

  • There are 9 standards (Mun Mazhalai, equivalent to Pre-KG and the Mazhalai through 7)
  • Weekly 2hrs of the classroom – reading, writing, speaking
  • PE class for half an hour for each grade on a rotation basis
  • Between 30min to 2hrs of homework on a weekly basis depending on the standard (Nilai)
  • Trimester exams conducted by ATA
  • The schedule follows the Duval County School calendar
  • An annual group project for all the Nilai about Tamil culture/literature
  • Two field trips in a year – focus on Tamil culture
  • Annual Day (Award Presentation and variety of performances by students)

Course Details (In Progress)


Attendance Policies

  • Attendance has 25% weight to pass a Nilai.
  • 80% attendance is required to pass the Nilai.
  • If a child is delayed by more than 10 minutes to class, they will be marked tardy.
  • The tardy will impact the attendance for the exam and final grade.


Jacksonville Tamil School follows the Duval County Public schools dress code policy. The code of appearance can be found on the DCPS website

How can you be involved?

  • Volunteer in classroom
  • Help in training the students and organizing programs for school events
  • Continuous interaction with kids in the Tamil language
  • Expose them to more Tamil shows, movies, and stories


  • JTM
  • FeTNA
  • amtaac
  • Tamil virtual academy

ATA online curriculum and learning materials